CD 157: Investigating the submarine canyons off Portugal


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Tiago Alves


Tiago is the only national on board… since we’re actually in Portuguese waters! He joined the cruise as the Portuguese observer, this being a common practice when working in other country’s waters.

Since a very early age Tiago was drawn to science, he was particularly interested in rocks and how things work so a career in engineering geology seemed like a perfect idea.

Tiago started his studies in Lisbon. When he finished his degree he fancied going abroad so he moved to Manchester to complete his PhD studying sedimentary basins. He really enjoyed being in the UK and has many stories about his time there.

He enjoys working abroad so after being back in Portugal for two years he moved to Greece to work on a European project. The project combines information from different margin regions in Europe. In terms of underwater canyons Greece is a key area in Europe.

Tiago loves working on cruises; he says the work carried out at sea is interesting and exciting. The worst thing about a cruise is when it gets to its end.

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