CD 157: Investigating the submarine canyons off Portugal


Crew profiles...

Peter Reynolds

2nd Officer – medical officer and navigation

We visited Peter in the upper deck where he was planning the next route of the RRS Charles Darwin to the Porcupine Abyssal Plain; he explained that this is still done mainly by hand calculations and then checked over with the Plotter computer.

He admitted to deciding for his profession by looking at a careers book. He left school at sixteen and shortly after joined the merchant navy, he was then sponsored by PO Containers and started working in cargo ships. He joined SOC in 1996 and as well as working on the Darwin and the Discovery has been involved with the British Antarctic Survey.

Peter showed us around the upper deck where he explained the use of all the traditional and high tech equipment available. GPS readers, satellite communication and swath bathymetry are used together with compasses and barometers.

Peter recalled one of the scariest memories of his career as the time when he was offshore South Africa in a tanker riding waves which were exceeding 20 metres (any brave surfers?) However, he was new to the profession then - now during bad weather he watches 'The Perfect Storm'. I just don’t think there is such a thing!

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