CD 157: Investigating the submarine canyons off Portugal


Crew profiles...

Ruth Plets

PhD student

Ruth has a clear passion for Geology; she always enjoyed science at school and decided for this discipline after visiting university on an open day. Geology offers everything she’s interested in; hands on exciting science work with the possibility of visiting interesting places around the world.

Ruth started her science career at Ghent University in Belgium near her home city of Harelbeke, here she completed a degree in marine geology. She was so taken back by the course that she decided to come to The UK to do a Master degree in Oceanography at SOC. Here she was offered the opportunity to carry out a PhD on acoustic characterisation of archaeological material. This involves developing a source of sound waves that can be used to distinguish between different materials in sediment beneath the water; this would enable her to identify important archaeological objects.

So, what brings Ruth to the Portuguese margin? Pure adventure and experience, although the cruise is not entirely related to her PhD she will gain valuable experience on field (or in this case) sea work!


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