CD 157: Investigating the submarine canyons off Portugal


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Sara Sorhouet

PhD student

Sara is a breath of fresh air; I love it every morning when she walks in at ten to four (duty change)and starts telling us all about her night’s dreams, I don’t know how she manages to be on a peak of energy this early in the morning! The other thing I love is that we can talk in Spanish to each other; we appreciate that it is a bit rude to do so in front of other people, however (as some of them have realised) we do manage to cram in as much as possible in short amounts of time.

She has a true scientific mind and opted to do a science degree that was as multidisciplinary as possible, (the natural world has no borders or disciplines she explains) this is why she moved to Gran Canaria for six years to study Marine Science. Sara loves to learn and understand science, she’s specially interested in the system approach.

Back in the Basque Country she obtained a couple of fellowships to study current modelling and finally ended up in SOC to complete her PhD comparing the canyon systems in the Portuguese and Basque margins.

In the future she plans to have a family; she’s lived in many places and she’s unsure where she’ll end up but knowing her, will adapt and enjoy anywhere she goes. I really enjoyed finding out about Sara’s life experiences - she’s had a few! 

Spanish girls Sara and Elena

Sara's home ground: the Basque Country, Spain

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