CD 157: Investigating the submarine canyons off Portugal


CD157 video library

Our roving reporters on the ship
have been let loose with a video camera...

IMPORTANT: To view the video clips you will need QuickTime Player software installed on your computer. You can download this free of charge from the Apple website.

The "AMAZING" sediment core


Phil Weaver (Chief Scientist) shows some of the amazing layering in one of the sediment cores taken from the canyon.

Computer-generated fly-through of the Setubal canyon

This fly-through of the Setubal canyon was generated using specialist Pfledermaus software and the bathymetric data that the team collected in November. The fly-through shows the canyon as you move from its deepest part up towards the coastline of Portugal. The different colours represent how deep it is - dark blue is deepest, whilst yellow and red are shallower.

A close encounter...

See the footage of the Minke Whales, as filmed from the RIB
More footage of the whale!

The joys of coring

Here, Doug Masson demonstrates one of the most frustrating aspects of coring - when 24 hours of coring yields nothing more than a handful of sand...
...but, as Doug explains, even this has scientific value!

More clips to come....check again in a couple of days!

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