CD 157: Investigating the submarine canyons off Portugal


Who's who on board the ship...

The scientific team

Phil Weaver

Phil is the Chief Scientist for this cruise, and he's also the scientific co-ordinator of EUROSTRATAFORM, the research programme behind the cruise. Being Chief Scientist means that Phil has overall responsibility for the scientific team and the science that takes place on board the ship.

Doug Masson

Doug is a geologist specialising in sedimentology. He led our first cruise in the study area last November, where we used TOBI to create sidescan sonar images of the seafloor. These pictures have be used to target areas for coring on this cruise.

Russell Wynn

Russell is also a sedimentologist and will be heavily involved in the coring activities. Much of the core material collected on this cruise will be analysed by Doug and Russell when the cores arrive back in the UK. Russell is also an expert on seabirds and marine mammals.

Veit Huhnerbach

Veit is a specialist in seafloor imaging, and he was part of the team on board the RV Pelagia last November. Veit will be involved with the coring activities on this cruise as well as the seismic techniques we will be using.

Belinda Alker

Belinda helps look after our core repository at SOC. This is her first cruise, and she'll be getting useful experience of how the coring system works.

Sara Sorhouet

Sara is a PhD student studying sediment patterns along the Portuguese Margin. This is the second cruise she has been on in this area - she was also part of the team on board RV Pelagia in November 2003. Sara will be using information gathered on the first cruise together with information from the cores taken on this cruise to describe the sedimentary processes in and around the canyons.
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Ruth Plets

Ruth is currently a PhD student at SOC working on the acoustic characterisation of archaeological materials. Before coming to the UK she studied geology at the Ghent University in Belgium. Since this is her first 'big' cruise, her aim is to obtain as much experience as possible on board the ship.
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Dan Jones

Dan is a PhD student studying deep sea biology. He will be analysing the video and still pictures from the SHRIMP vehicle to investigate the abundances and diversity of deep water animals in this area. As the only biologist on board, it'll be Dan's job to identify any of the other beasts that we discover during our investigations. We hope to discover lots of interesting fauna as this will be the first time these have been looked at in this area.
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