CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


Daily diary

Wednesday November 10th 2004

Marga writes:

"The weather is not getting better at all. During the night the ship began moving more than usual, and the weather forecast is not very good. I had always thought that the Canary Islands were a paradise of sun and hot weather, but now I am beginning to think that it is a myth. Last night Doug beat Russell in a table tennis match for the first time in 10 years, so he is smiling a lot today! Christine and Suenje have managed to resolve almost all the logistical problems with the X-ray sampling. We are eager to see dolphins or whales, but only birds keep on visiting us. As you can see, not many interesting things are happening at the moment. After two weeks at sea, each day looks very similar to the previous one!"


Russell writes:

"As Marga has mentioned, everyone is now in the daily routine and working hard, although the weather is not great. But on the upside, the cores are coming in thick and fast and the science is going very well, which is why we’re here after all! Water consumption on the ship has decreased which is good as early on we were using more water then we could produce using the special evaporator. So either everyone has stopped washing or they are all being more careful to turn off taps and are having shorter showers!"


Annalaara, one of the ship’s officers,
on the ‘smoking chair’.

The excitement of the latest
sediment core was too much
for Pete

Ice cream is the favourite dessert,
here sampled by Bryan and Adriano

Christine getting some fresh
air after another sampling

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