CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


Daily diary

Monday November 15th 2004

Aggie writes:

"Bryan said he saw shooting stars last night and they’ve also been seeing them from the bridge recently. Out here in the ocean it’s excellent for seeing the starlit sky, when it’s free of clouds and the moon is not very bright. There’s no lights anywhere around and the closest land is miles away, so there’s nothing to obstruct you from seeing all the constellations and even shooting stars. If you made a wish for every one of them and they came true we would all be rich by now! The air was clear today and we saw more ships than any other day. We were happy to see we are not alone in this part of the ocean. There was even one right behind us, and it was supposed to overtake us, but then we lost sight of it. It would have been fun to see them up close. In this huge stretch of water, what are the chances of running into another ship?"


Bryan and Andrey discussing the data
from the Agadir Canyon

DJ Adriano getting ready to
give us some big noise...

This core is being swung across the deck
by crane, and the crew are leading it
to its resting position

The guys are waiting for the core to settle
...before they start cutting it to pieces

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