CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


Daily diary

Wednesday November 17th 2004

Aggie writes:

"Not much news to report today. Life is definitely quite restricted on a ship. There are not many places to go apart from the mess (dining room), the bar or your own cabin. Of course there’s the main lab and the working deck, and that summarises the limits of our social life. Today it was the last opening of the bond (shop), and the last chance to buy T-shirts, caps, and other things with the logo of the ship or just the regular fix of chocolate. Clive, our chef, who is also responsible for the bond, was kind enough to give us some free chocolate! We had another science meeting this afternoon, because as we approach the end of the cruise we have to make the final plans of what we want to achieve in the remaining time...only 4 days left now!"

Andrey soaking up the sun
while having lunch

Christine and Aggie enjoying the sun

This brightly coloured mud has reacted with seawater on its way to the surface, and has developed a rusty outer coating

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