CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


Daily diary

Friday November 19th 2004

Aggie writes:

"There was another safety drill today as by law there has to be one every week on the ship. This time we had a task. The scenario was that there was a bomb on the ship, so we were separated into groups of three and assigned areas of the ship to look for the explosives. The drill was successful and all the explosives were found. The explosives turned out to be packets of digestive biscuits and we all enjoyed disposing of them! Apart from that, science continues happily, but we will soon have to wrap up and start cleaning the labs, which is not going to be very easy (too much mud) or pleasant. But we have to leave the ship clean for the next cruise, because as they say 'a clean ship is a happy ship'...."


Our 'explosive' biscuits

Aggie and Marga caught chatting

The natural solarium, with Andrey
taking advantage of the bright sun

With love… our imploded core

Pete and Sünje digging out cores t
hat were collected a few days ago

Russell lost in his thoughts...

Left: Russell and Pete playing computer games

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