CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


Daily diary

Sunday November 21st 2004

"Today is the last working day on the RRS Sunny Delight! Right now the last core of the cruise is being split. At the same time the crew are putting away the coring gear, some of us are packing our own stuff, and by the end of the day the labs will be spring cleaned. The weather was not always on our side, but the last few days it’s been wonderful, hence the renaming of our ship! Overall it was a very successful cruise, we got what we came here for and everyone will have enough data to keep them busy for the next twelve months or so. Now it’s time to go home and everyone is happy about that. We are all a bit tired and will be glad to put our feet on firm ground. Although ship life is restricted and the routine can become boring, it’s always a very beautiful memory for everyone, because it is so different to ordinary life. It’s a good detoxification from TV, phones etc, and at the same time you get nice food cooked for you and clean sheets on your bed every week, a bit like living with mum again! However, the best memory of all is living in the sea, in the middle of the ocean. Nothing can compare with seeing the sun rise over the horizon every day. The only thing that comes close is the night sky. You find yourself in one of the few places in the world that allows you to see so many stars!

At this point I would like to thank everyone that spent a few minutes of their time reading our diary and looking at our pictures. Everyone here contributed in making this diary in one way or another, mostly by featuring in it or by taking pictures. They were all chasing the funny moments with the diary in mind. However, without Vikki back at SOC putting everything on the web, there would be no diary. From all of us here, goodbye, over and out..."


It doesn’t look a lot like him, but this is
DJ Mazzini giving it large...

A close up of core mountain, ready
to be shipped to Southampton

Jez sleeping where he thought we
wouldn’t see him… he gets very tired!

A container boat that passed close by yesterday

Everyone has gone!

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