CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


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Monday October 25th 2004

Aggie writes...

"Today we set off for the first leg of our journey to the deep sea. All of the scientists met in Heathrow before flying to Lisbon, Portugal, where we were due to meet the research ship Charles Darwin. Our flight left on time and Lisbon looked fantastic from above! The sky was mostly clear with only a few patches of cloud here and there, but the city below us in the sunlight looked very inviting! Things were going well until we arrived at the airport baggage control and found that someone was missing their luggage; of course that someone had to be me! As it turned out my suitcase had been damaged during the journey and the whole side was torn, amazingly though, my stuff hadn’t spilled out. But this is Portugal, and as with any Mediterranean country (and I should know, I’m Greek) things work slowly and you have to be patient, polite, sweet and smiley. Eventually, after waiting in several queues, British Airways gave me another suitcase and we were on our way to the hotel. However, hopes of an early departure tomorrow morning have been dashed when we hear that the ship has been delayed by bad weather and will be at least a day late..."

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