CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


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Wednesday October 27th 2004

Aggie writes:

"Today we decided to kill some time by discussing the science we are due to carry out on the cruise. We all gathered in Russell’s room (Russell is the Chief Scientist), set up the projector, and let Andrey first take us on a tour of the Gulf of Cadiz off southern Spain, which will be our working area for the first two days. Andrey showed us some impressive data and then discussed the questions that we hope to answer during the first phase of the cruise. We want to examine a complex area of seafloor that has already been mapped in plan view using geophysical imagery. The intention of our coring programme is to calibrate the seafloor images with real data about the types of sediment in the area. The afternoon was dedicated to more science, this time by Russell, who gave us all the background information we needed about the Agadir Project area offshore Morocco, Northwest Africa. One of the aims of this phase of the cruise is to sample deposits from previous Canary Islands landslides, in an attempt to learn more about their potential for generating dangerous tsunamis. Both phases of the cruise will also be collecting data that are applicable to the real world; in this case ensuring safer and more efficient extraction of oil and gas reserves from the deep sea. Anyway, science lesson over.... fingers crossed that we are leaving tomorrow!"

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