CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


Daily diary

Saturday November 6th 2004

Russell writes:

"No daily report from Aggie or Marga today, as unfortunately they are both feeling a bit ill at the moment. Micha is also under the weather, so it looks like there is a bug or something going around the ship. One of the hazards of living together in a confined space! Hopefully we can send out a more detailed update tomorrow...but for now here are some of the day’s best images..."

A small arrival of migrant landbirds on the ship today included this Turtle Dove, probably migrating from Europe to sub-Saharan Africa

Andrey captured this sunset image

The piston corer about to be sent to the seafloor. A 1.5 ton weight is at the top and the sediment is collected inside the metal barrels.


Once the core is on board the
sediment is removed in yellow plastic
tubes and cut into 1.5 m lengths.

This slice through a tube shows
some deep-sea mud with fossil
worm burrows clearly visible.

Once all the core is removed, the sections are split in half and then the core is photographed, as demonstrated here by Christine.

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