CD 166: Investigating the underwater avalanches offshore Morocco


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Sunday November 7th 2004

Aggie writes:

"It seems like there’s a bug going around the ship at the moment, taking us down one by one. Micha was the first to feel ill, then it was Marga and I, and now Adriano doesn’t feel too good. We’re wondering who will be the next victim! At least we’re laughing about it and trying to keep everyone else at a distance so they don’t get it. Mike, the first officer who is also in charge of the hospital on board, is a bit panicked - he gives us all medicines and keeps checking on us. Apart from our little germ fest, work continues very productively, with impressive results. Birds keep coming on the ship at night. Maybe they have been notified of the pleasant nights in The Shoebox. Andrey thinks they are the same ones, following from a close distance and coming back night after night to get some descent sleep!"


Russell writes:

"The ship lurgy continues to do the rounds. Poor Micha has had it for several days now and is looking pretty bored of eating bread and potatoes! The data is also coming in thick and fast right now, and it’s times like this that the hard work gets done on a cruise. It’s no exaggeration to say that the lab is often littered with sleeping bodies by midnight! Although time for wildlife observations has been limited, I did manage to see a distant Sperm Whale today, and no fewer than four Leach’s Storm-petrels were released this morning after crash-landing on the ship last night..."

All work and no play makes the scientific team very tired indeed!
Sleeping on the job - you just can't get the staff these days...

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