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Monday 1 May 2006

Dario writes:

"The first leg of the cruise has already reached the end. Actually, it was a very successful and promising beginning and nobody felt sea-sickness…

Tomorrow morning we will be in Lisbon for 3 hours to switch over personnel. John Dinley and Sarah Murty will be going back home and Nina Rothe, Emily Dolan and Jeroen Ingels will join us for the second part of the cruise which will take place in the Nazaré Canyon. We received sad news from Paul Tyler...owing to illness he will not join us in Lisbon for the next cruise leg. We decided to make him a big surprise, sending a photo of the team. We hope that he will get well soon being able to join other future HERMES cruises.

Today was full of activity. Several CTD/SAP deployments and 3 new SHRIMP transects were completed successfully. After 2 hours of filtering the SAP has processed more than 1000 litres of seawater for later biochemical analysis. Once more we got interesting images from the Setúbal canyon. In general the equipment has dealt well with the intensive demands of the two weeks. Hopefully we will have the same luck in the Nazaré canyon.

Since some of our colleagues will be leaving tomorrow I would like to dedicate this diary to the rest of the crew, technicians and engineers. Also many thanks for the dedicated help of my colleagues during the first part of the cruise. Thank you all! You did very well!"


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