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Monday 15 May 2006

Jeroen writes:

"The science program finished yesterday morning and we’re steaming for Falmouth. Strangely enough, activity in the main lab has reached a new peak: scientists and crew members are hopping around, getting their gear together and filling up the boxes they brought on board whilst contemplating: “How am I ever going to get all this stuff into this box?” It usually takes a few minutes for the answer to emerge and suddenly the gear is enthusiastically rearranged, while one of the colleagues is nodding affirmatively.

While the “packers” are doing their work, outside there’s the “cleaning team” brushing and squirting everything that has mud on it… even the safety suits get a good wash to get rid of seawater and mud stains while 2 pigeons (crew members by now) are eagerly picking some breadcrumbs.

Let’s not forget the enormous effort of the 2 Portuguese cooks today for a selective range of Portuguese dishes:

The cruise is drawing to an end now and everyone is looking forward to set foot on land and go home. Not only are we looking forward, time has also come to look back on what was a very good cruise. The objectives of this cruise were amply achieved and all scientists will probably go home satisfied; some of us already planning when to process the large amount of samples that were gathered. ETA is 0830h Wednesday 17 May 2006… Another small chapter in submarine canyon research..."

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