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Tuesday 16 May 2006

Xana writes:

"It is now 21:00 and I am writing my last diary and it is also the last day of the cruise, so… It is with some sadness that I say goodbye to everyone onboard. I got up early today, but was so busy packing everything and writing my share of the cruise report that I didn’t have time to act my paparazzi role today, so there will be no pictures today, unless I go now chasing everyone, which I will try anyway. 

Today, everyone was very busy tidying up labs, equipment on deck, boxes, etc. But, at the end of the day we were rewarded with a splendid English dinner provided by the excellent galley team Paul, Darren, Marc and Jackie. We also had a wrap up end of cruise meeting, where Dave Billett concluded that the cruise in all went very well, with overall success with all equipment performance and success in obtaining all data and samples planned.  

It has been an enjoyable cruise and I would like to thank everyone for all the help during the cruise. First of all thank you David for having given me the opportunity to be part of this cruise. I think I can speak from us all by saying that you have done a splendid job as a Principal Scientist. Thanks to all the bridge officers, Pete, Kieran, Katie for the girlie talk up in the bar and Peter the master. The engineers, Ian, Dave, Dave, Gary thank you very much for all the work, and maintenance in the CT lab, and to Glyn for the extra light without which I would have gone blind trying to sort in the dark, while SHRIMP was running. Thanks to all the deck crew, DD, Ford, Phil, Jo, Jerry and Stuart who have kept me smiling along these 5 weeks, with jokes and comfort words besides helping me return to a clean state after a muddy session. Thanks to all the technical staff, Rhys, Jez, Lee, Darren, Jeff, Terry, Martin for the continuous support with all the equipment, with the liquid Nitrogen, ice machine etc, and above all for also keeping me smiling. Special thanks to Jez for all megacoring help during the day and Martin for allowing our contact with the outside world though e-mail. And Lee, I will never forget your patience in holding the cores during the night shift.

And of course a big thanks to all my colleagues for putting up with me grumpy sometimes, but never teasing me too much to the breaking point. To John, Sarah and Veerle on the first leg, Emily, Nina, Doug and Jeroen on the second leg and Dave, Dário, “boss”, Teresa, Abi, Raquel on both legs. And last but but not least thank you night shifters (Teresa, Raquel, Aby, Lee, Dário, Nina, Emily and the “boss”), you have all been excellent, funny and very patient, first leg and second leg, in particular Teresa in the first leg and Nina in the second leg who have been my companions in the fridge!

Holidays, here I come! Yippee!"

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