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Daily diary

Tuesday 25 April 2006

Teresa writes:

"During the day nothing really happened besides steaming and waiting for the good weather to come. The wind was too strong to do anything. The day shift people (Dave, Sarah, John and Veerle) were a bit unhappy because they “did not do too much”. However, at about 4 pm the weather improved and a megacore was deployed. At about 7pm it finally arrived on board and the day shift people had some action (see figure 1, 2 & 3). In the beginning I helped a little, bit but at the end they completely took over.

Veerle, me, Sarah and Dave waiting for the megacore.

Sarah, Veerle and John slicing the cores

John really excited to work with the megacore. In the beginning the white jumper was really cleaned but at the end of the sieving….

They were so happy to finally sieve some mud that the night shift people did not help at all.
In the beginning of the cruise I was from the day shift but because the first megacore and the following ones were all the time during the night, I am now working only during the night. In the first 2 days my sleep was a bit messed up but now I am perfectly adapted.
After the first megacore we had another successfully one. This time only the night shift worked. Dário was very happy to finally have 5 Megacore deployments from the Setúbal Canyon.
At the same time we were busy with the megacore, “our chief” deployed the amphipod trap at the same station. This instrument has the objective to catch some amphipods. For that we put 2 fishes in the trap (figure 4) and we hope that when the trap is retrieved we will have some amphipods.

Fish to be put in the amphiod trap.

After this we steamed to the Cascais Canyon where we did SHRIMP. During this time I had time to go to the gym to do some exercise. Because I have to stay 5 weeks on board I have to keep myself fit. I practice Capoeira which is a sport where you have to do a lot of acrobatics, dancing and fighting. On board I cannot really do my sport because I have no people to play with and because the waves “don’t really allow” it. I miss it a lot…..

At the beginning of the SHRIMP Abi was very excited but after 4 hours of only seeing mud and some rocks, she became a bit disappointed and unhappy. I enjoyed the last part of the SHRIMP because I saw some holothurians.
It is now 8 am in the morning and it is time to eat and go to bed..."

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