D297: Geology & biology of the Portuguese canyons



Activities on deck

Preparing to leave port at Lisbon

Veerle working hard
amongst pretty maps!

ROBIO lander ready for action

Recovery of TOBI

Ruth on the lookout for whales

Phil and Dave peer into the amphipod trap...

...and this is what they find!

The megacorer

Xana working on some sieving

SAPS instrument being winched back on board

All hands on deck to deal with the piston cores

What's this? Phil pulls out a rag from the deep!

Ben doing core-robics

Night-time deployment of SHRIMP

Raquel, Phil and Dave lay the split cores out for phtographing

Amy and Paul get their hands muddy

One for posterity -
photographing box cores

Jez and Doug chatting in the computer room

Steve operating the ship's crane

Sieving for macrofauna is a very serious business

The working lab, where most of the core samples are stored

Analysis of samples in the lab

Abi and Teresa clean up

Deployment of the Aggasiz trawl

Raquel labels cores

Dave mends the CTD nets

A Xenophyophore from one of the box cores

Preparation of the CTD for launch

Sediment samples waiting for shipment home

More pictures coming soon!

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