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Saturday 1 August 2009

Graduation Ceremonies …

We would like to congratulate ... Dr. Thanos Gkritzalis and Dr. Nina Rothe .... Who both graduated last week and officially became Doctors of Philosophy. On land they would have attended a traditional ceremony held at the University of Southampton. However on board a ship in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, celebrations were a little different – and more memorable!

When you study for your PhD (or Doctorate of Philosophy) you spend nearly 4 years of your life dedicated to studying a particular area of research to advance the boundaries of science. What you study has to be completely new, an area that no one else has yet explored. Often it is the start to a successful career in research, since by the time you have graduated you are the specialist in that subject area.

Thanos gained his PhD in the ‘Development of an autonomous water sampler’. This involved designing an instrument that can be deployed for a long period of time. It samples continuously and stores water samples for various analyses after the device has been recovered. First applications were in small rivers and the same design is now being applied to ocean settings.

Nina gained her PhD in “Biogeography and systematics of Antarctic Deep Sea Gromiids’. She discovered this new species of single celled organisms living in the deep Antarctic waters and classified them using morphological and molecular techniques. She was also able to name some of these newly found species, her favorite name was Gromia winnetoui (named after one of her childhood heros).

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