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Friday 10 July 2009

For the RRS Discovery this is her 341st cruise of a long and prolific life. For some on the ship this is their first experience of carrying out research at sea, but for others this is old hat and many have years of seagoing experience. By the morning of 6 July, all the scientists have arrived at the ship, and we can finally leave the King George V docks in Glasgow. As the gangway is pulled back onboard we wave goodbye to those people who had come along to help out with the mammoth effort of unpacking and mobilising for the forthcoming cruise.

The past couple of days have been very hectic. All the equipment that had been packed weeks ago has to be unpacked and homes found for it. After exploding hundreds of boxes and crates worth of kit onto the ship we have now managed to secure everything down so that nothing breaks if the weather turns bad and the sea gets rough. There have been several trips to B&Q and Sainsbury's for everything from general everyday hardware, such as tape and screws, to Tupperware boxes and popcorn. It's amazing how many common household items are vital for cutting-edge research!

Scientists from several European institutions are on board to participate in the cruise. During the next 5 weeks we will all be working closely togethere to ensure the smooth running of the scientific operations. To meet the team, check out our who's who page!

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