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Wednesday 15 July 2009

After a few days of bad weather (Force 10) slowing the steam to the working area the weather has finally improved. The forecast appears to be good and full activities have begun. Today a sub-surface mooring was deployed at the PAP site today by the team of scientists and engineers onboard. The mooring will stay out for a couple of weeks before being recovered before the end of the cruise. The mooring is equipped with sensors (instruments) measuring the biological activities in the ocean. For example, a sensor called the Deep-IODA will measure the oxygen consumption in the ocean interior (>200m). Another sensor called the ZPS (Zooplankton Sampler) is fixed at 50m and will collect samples of zooplankton (marine animals near the base of the food chain). But, after only 1-2 hours of deployment the floats were seen on the surface and the mooring line was recovered. This proves how unpredictable marine science and oceanography can be - this makes it both exciting and at times very frustrating! Fortunately all instruments were recovered successfully and the mooring will be redeployed as soon as possible.

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