JC007: Drilling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Day 7: Sunday 11 March - Passage to sampling area
Position at midnight: 16º09N, 41º09W

Michelle writes:

The new watch system of 4hrs on-8hrs off seems to be agreeing with everyone so far with the previous night team in particular now being able to have more meals during the day. This morning we observed the XBT being deployed once more.

In the afternoon Kay and Michelle enjoyed a spot of sunbathing during their off watch time, making the most of the last few quieter preparation days before we arrive at our sampling location. At today’s seminar we began to decide upon the exact details of where our first rock drill will be taken on arrival, along with some potential back up sites for dredging if the rock drill has any problems.

The evening was quiet with the watches continuing as planned. We are hoping to arrive at our sampling location late on Monday.

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