JC007: Drilling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Day 8: Monday 12 March - At the sampling area!
Position at midnight: 13º47N, 44º52W

The majority of the day was spent putting the finishing touches to our survey plans and potential drill sites. The leaders of the scientific team had meetings with the crew to finalise the approach to the sampling area.

Mid morning we crossed the Fifteeen-Twenty fracture zone. By the evening the ship was preparing to approach our first drill site and the excitement among us grew as our destination finally came within sight.

At 1:50GMT we arrived at our first site; quickly surveyed it and prepared to lower the rock drill to its first sight. The drill entered the water shortly before 2:00GMT. Unfortunately at 2:45GMT the BGS team lost communication with the drill and by 3:00 the decision was made to retrieve the drill and continue with a dredge whilst repairs were made.

At 10:00GMT Tuesday the dredge was on board with rock samples! More importantly we now have our first sample of mantle rock-peridotite, exactly what we were aiming to find at this site.

Watch this space for more exciting news and results!

Quote of the Day:
Bram: "Can you write down that boopy thingy?"
Kay: "Sure, wheres the whatsit thingy?"

The effects of the 4-8am watch are starting to take there toll on the team's conversational abilities!

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