JC007: Drilling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Day 15: Monday 19 March
Sampling area: TOBI survey
Position at midnight: 13º31N 45º05W

Michelle writes:

Today we continued with our TOBI survey.  We have now completed 7 of our lines and are about half way through.  We have been using the raw back scatter images that are continuously printed in combination with the processed images which Chris Mallows has been busily processing over the last few days, to start to look at the structure of the seafloor and to identify potential drill and dredge sites once our TOBI survey is complete. 

Now for the next installment of our crew interviews, meet Pete our Chief Officer and Bob our Petty Officer...

Name: Bob Spencer
Hometown:  Southampton
Position: Acting Petty Officer (PO) Deck
Favorite thing about your job: Meeting people and learning about all the science that goes on aboard the ship.
Least favorite thing about your job: Being away from family.
Do you ever get seasick?  Never
Favorite place in the world:  Anywhere in the sun.
Worst nightmare:  The winches and other machinery on the ship failing.
Funniest thing you've heard in the past week:  There’s been too many to pick from!
Two words to describe yourself: Happy, friendly.
Would be reincarnated as: A dolphin.
Most interesting thing that ever happened at sea:  While working on a cable-laying ship, the guard vessel that was supposed to keep other ships away from his actually hit our boat!  Twice!  It punctured the hull and we had to go in for repairs.
Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get his flu medicine.
Favorite saying: “Old sailor.”

Name: Peter Reynolds
Hometown:  Aberystwyth
Position: Chief Officer
Favorite thing about his job: The travel.
Least favorite thing about his job: Being away from family.
Does he ever get seasick?  No
Funniest thing he’s heard in the last week:  He doesn’t know, but the best thing he’s heard this week is that Wales won the Six Nations rugby.
Favorite place:  Hong Kong
Worst nightmare: Being trapped in a room full of snakes.
Three words to describe himself:  Bald, bald, bald!
Would be reincarnated as: Himself.
Most interesting thing that ever happened at sea:  Tidal waves off South Africa
Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because he wanted to.

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