JC007: Drilling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Day 1: Monday 5 March 2007
Location: Santa Cruz, Tenerife (28º28N, 16º15W) 

Michelle writes: 

"Today the scientific team embarked on cruise JC007: Roger Searle, Chris MacLeod, Bramley Murton, Jack Casey, Chris Mallows, Samantha Unsworth, Michelle Harris  and Kay Achenbach. At the last minute Tina Hayes and Tim Le Bas were unable to  join the rest of the team.  Today cruise preparation continued with refuelling  and the loading of supplies to ensure we have everything on board that is needed  for the voyage.  Meanwhile the scientists continued to prepare the labs and install computers and equipment.  We also ensured all items were well strapped  down in case we run into any bad weather on the way.  Whilst we were waiting for refuelling to finish we had the opportunity to take a few photos of the final  scientific team (all 8 of us!!!!!) on the foredeck.  At 18.57GMT we left Santa Cruz and began the long journey to our sampling location, hopefully not shaken and definitely not stirred!!!"

Above and right: The JC007 team on board the RRS James Cook prior to departure from Tenerife. Far right: RRS James Cook in berth in Santa Cruz

Above and right: In berth in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Far right: View of the port whilst refuelling

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