JC007: Drilling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Day 2: Tuesday 6th March: On passage to sample area
Position at midnight: 26º17N, 20º 42W

Michelle writes:

Today was the first day complete day of our passage to our sampling area.  This morning the two watch shifts, each lasting 12 hours, were decided upon with Chris MacLeod, Roger Searle, Michelle Harris and Kay Achenbach on watch from 12 noon to 12 midnight, followed by Bram Murton, Jack Casey, Sam Unsworth and Chris Mallows on watch from 12 midnight to 12 noon.  The first watch began at 12 noon and the key data to log at 30 minute intervals were chosen.  At 13.20 the ship stopped at station 1 and our first deployment of the sound velocity probe took place - this instrument records the temperature of the water with depth.  This information is needed because the velocity of sound changes with the water temperature.  This means that we need to correct for this changing sound velocity when creating the bathymetry to make it as accurate as we can.  Bathymetry (the depth from the ocean surface to the seafloor) is measured using soundwaves emitted from a device mounted on the ship's hull. The data collected from this instrument is used to build up a 3D picture or map of the seafloor.

The probe took 55 minutes to reach the seafloor at a depth of 3000m and was back on board at 15.10GMT.  At 15.30GMT we continued on our passage.  By 12midnight we had travelled 483km (261miles) with an average speed of 8knots.  

Quote of the Day
Bram on his musical entertainment: "I’m at a distinct disadvantage not being able to tune or play this churango!!!"... The rest of the group are hoping he learns soon!!!!!

Roger Searle: The Chief

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