JC007: Drilling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Day 5: Friday 9 March - Passage to sampling area
Position at midnight: 20º57N, 33º19W

Michelle writes:

Today we had some technical problems with both the Gravimeter and the magnetometer; our science support teams and the deck crew corrected these. The XBT was successfully deployed at 12:40.

A large portion of the afternoon was spent undertaking emergency drills with everyone on the ship. This began with us mustering at our correct locations then following the route we would take if we had to abandon ship into the inflatable life rafts instead of the lifeboat. After this we were asked to practice putting on the immersion suits we would be wearing in such a situation. When asked who hadn’t tried this before, I put my hand up without spotting this little ambush and was asked to put the suit on in front of all the team! This was quite an experience and I was lucky enough that my lovely colleagues caught it all on camera for me! I have to say they are not the most comfortable things to wear and they are extremely warm inside; I hope you all enjoy the photos!

Which way up does this thing go?

Ah yes....

Guess my feet go here...

Quick check of the instructions..

Arms in...

Do up the zip...

I'm in!

So how do I get out again...?

Hot work, this survival stuff...

Tip: don't ask your PhD supervisor
(Bram) to help you out

The rest of the PhD students became jealous that they didn’t get to dress up in a fabulous bright orange suit and so Rob the Third Officer allowed Sam and Chris to put on all the fire fighting gear. They then got to run around the labs and to see how exhausting it is to work in the full kit. I was pleased to observe that they came out of the gear as hot and sweaty as did from the immersion suit! Fun was had all around today!

Fireman Sam and Fireman Chris

Fireman Sam

Stair-climbing practice

The ultimate fire team...perhaps not

Firefighting drill

A lesson in how to relase the life rafts

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