JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Cruise diary

Day 4: Tuesday 15 May 2007
Position: Lat 35º, Long 6.4º, bearing 19.3º
Weather: Sunny and clear

Gillian and Eduard write:

"Today has been a really busy day. We asked Andre (a NOCS geologist) to provide an image of MERCATOR, the mud volcano that we are heading for. He was very helpful and was able to provide a brilliant 3D image (coming soon!). We got to our destination in Moroccan waters at about 13:00. Then we stopped and hovered over the reference site using dynamic positioning and GPS. The scientists suddenly started buzzing about, preparing the equipment and the levels of concentration and anticipation rocketed. The technicians started to get the piston corer ready for action. A short clip will show you more than words can describe. We were very honoured to be asked to help the geochemists with the core samples. As you will see from the photos Gill was nervously recording the data (and I was really worried that I might mess it up but all went according to plan!). Eduard was given the highly skilled job of photographing the core samples and he made an excellent job of it (even though sometimes I didn’t understand anything that was going on but Gill and I both had a confident expression and I think it fooled everyone). We both came out of it with our honour intact. Everybody was busy on the deck when the samples were coming in, taking samples for use in the chemistry lab. They are going to analyse for methane, pore water and trace elements.

The schedule for the coring has been as follows: first the piston core, secondly the megacore (see photo), and just now we are retrieving another piston core. Later on today we are going to deploy the ROV Isis, but it is not going overboard until 22:00, so we will tell you about that in our blog tomorrow. 

The life of a scientist is definitely a busy one – there is so much to do and every day is action packed..."


An essential part of a marine scientist's job:
waiting for the samples to come up!
From left: Belinda, Heleen, Eduard and Gill.

Launching the piston corer

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