JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Cruise diary

Day 18: Tuesday 19 June 2007
Position: 39°29.826N, 9°55.997W, Nazare Canyon
Weather: Very wet start with rough seas, as we’ve changed position, the day has become very sunny with a light breeze

Helen writes:

"Today has been another quiet day on board. Our watch went smoothly, although we saw very few organisms. We had to bring ISIS up early as landslides kept engulfing her, making visibility zero at times. We managed to see a dumbo octopus which kept launching itself at the ROV (see picture below), and sampled a brisingid, which the ROV team cleverly picked up using the claw.

My experiment managed to stay attached to the bio box, and it was interesting to see how the colours changed as the camera moved closer and then further away from them.

I’ve spent the rest of today getting your questions answered, and planning the next couple of days – it’s going to be a busy time, and we’ve got to clean the ship and get our belongings packed in addition to completing the science work. Still, it looks like tomorrow morning will be my last ROV watch, so I should have some time for all the clearing up that needs to be done.

Mark, the Chef began preparations for Thursday’s visit at the beginning of the week, and has had to work nights to get all the catering prepared (during the day, the galley is used to get us fed!); he has produced an incredible cake, with the HERMES logo on, and a myriad of other delights are also in production. I’ve decided not to put the picture up here now, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise on Thursday – I’ll make sure you can all see his handy work then though!"

This dumbo octopus is only about 10cm wide!

Collecting the brisingid this morning

My experiments on the ROV at the sea bed - note how different the colours look in different amounts of light!


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