JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Cruise diary

Day 1: Saturday 2 June 2007....first day of Leg 2!
Position: Cadiz!
Weather: Sunny

Helen and Virginia write:

"Having arrived in Cadiz yesterday late afternoon, we spent the night in a hotel. It was an early start this morning so that we could be at the ship for soon after 9am. We spent some time with Gillian and Eduard, finding out about how they got on, and what their highlights and lowlights of the previous 3 weeks had been. All was encouraging - it seems the only part to be prepared for was bad weather, possible seasickness and a bit of homesickness (the routines and way of life on a ship are very different to living at home!). I’ve anticipated those already. Gill showed Virginia and I around the ship and where our cabins were. Suddenly everything made a lot more sense than it had when we visited the ship in Southampton, which was a relief! It also seemed a lot bigger.

We went out for lunch with some of the scientists, and then had the afternoon filled with a health and safety meeting and some time to orientate ourselves with the ship (I managed to fit a nap in too!). This evening has seen us out for dinner in Cadiz, and now we are preparing for the ship to leave port tomorrow morning. We’ll also have a muster drill – we’ll let you know how that goes!

So, it looks to be an exciting trip, everyone on board seems very friendly and happy to help out, many are keen to be interviewed and provide pictures and video for you all to see, so I’m going to be kept very busy! Remember that if you have any questions about the ship or the research cruise, just use the form on the website here, and we’ll be able to answer them! Keep looking out for our updates!"

The Belgian research vessel - RV Belgica - in harbour at Cadiz.
The Belgica is also working on mud volcanoes in the
Gulf of Cadiz as part of the HERMES project.

View of Cadiz as the ship departs

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