JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Cruise diary

Day 11: Tuesday 22 May 2007
Position: Latitude 35º, Longitude 7º, Bearing 260º
Weather: sunny and calm

Eduard and Gillian write:

"The ROV Isis was in action again on a biology dive all through last night. It was collecting samples and taking videos. Some beautiful corals were brought up to the surface for the scientists to look at closely. The mussels that were collected will be able to expand our knowledge of how they manage to feed so successfully in such a hostile environment. They have symbiotic bacteria on their gills which can process the sulphides and then they can use them as food. A particularly interesting crab was seen running across the seabed. It is a special type called a dromid crab which carries a sponge to use as camouflage, with its specially adapted back legs. Watch the video below!

Right: the coral brought up from the seabed by Isis

Isis brought us back the net with the polystyrene cups that we put into it last night. They have been truly compressed! As you can see in the before and after photos, the water’s pressure did its work! As you know, every 10 meters down, the pressure increases 1 atmosphere, so how many atmospheres of pressure will be at 1100meters of depth? (Remember that you have to add one atmosphere because of the air column)...."

Cups from Escola L’Esperança: before (left) and after (right)

Cups from Escola Cor de Maria: before (left) and after (right)

Eduard records it all on camera

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