JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Cruise diary

Day 16: Sunday 27 May 2007
Position: Latitude 35º, Longitude 8º, Bearing 319º

Gillian and Eduard write:

"Today has been a quiet day. Isis has been down on the seabed all day long and so there was not any coring. The Isis has picked up lots of samples from the seabed and we are looking forward to seeing its catch. It is very precise and it was interesting watching it carefully placing the colonisation rings on an exact spot. The technician operating the robotic arms is so skilful. They looked like human hands.

We had lots of questions from you today. This was good because it meant that we had to go around the ship asking lots of different people for the answers. The crew are pleased that you all are so interested in the ship and in their jobs.

Today we even found an opportunity to sit outside on the blustery deck to take fresh air.

Paul Tyler spends a lot of time working very hard transferring the images from the cameras on the Isis to the computer and compiling them into the video clips, many of which you have seen.

It was a beautiful sunny evening when the Isis emerged from the sea. See the clip below!

We are off to the labs now to see what is stowed in its baskets..."


Inside the ROV control van
Recovering Isis after a hard 30 hours in the water

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