JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Cruise diary

Day 21: Thursday 31 May 2007
Position: Latitude 35º, Longitude 6º, Bearing 340º
Weather: Sunny and clear

Gillian and Eduard write:

"After the excitement of the wreck we came back to Mercator and today has been a busy day finishing off the sampling for this leg of the cruise.  This afternoon we helped to sub-sample some of the final cores to come up from the megacorer. It was good to be involved and feel that with a bit of experience under our belt we knew what we were doing for a change! This type of core samples the seabed very gently and gives a good impression of the sediment, without compacting it. As you can see from the video there is a definite line where the mud from the last eruption of the volcano and the mud that has there accumulated since. Heleen will be working on these when she gets back trying to calculate the dates of the last eruption.

Above: pushcores explained!

Some of the scientists have begun to pack away. After all their hard work it is with some relief that they are doing that. The ship has to be clean and tidy and 'ship-shape' for the Captain's inspection tomorrow so it is essential to start to pack away some of the equipment today. Some of the geochemists even found time to soak up a bit of sun on the top deck..."


Eduard and Gill help out with logging the last cores of this leg.
Rumour has it that this is the first and only time Gill has worn her overalls during the whole cruise!

Geochemists take a break in the sunshine

All packed up and waiting to go home...


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