JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Meet...the Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

The ship's hull was built in Poland in 2005 and then it was towed to Norway in early 2006, where all the systems (equipment) were fitted.

Dean Hurren oversaw part of the build of RRS James Cook in dry dock, Flekkfjord (shipyard) in Norway. She then sailed on her voyage across the North Sea to be delivered to NOCS in Southampton, UK in August/September 2006. Dean has since sailed on her twice, and this is his third occasion. He recently joined in May and expects to go on leave (holiday) in July. On his first trip, the ship remained in Southampton as they underwent system checks. His second trip involved similar system checks and tests to confirm that the equipment operated to the manufacturer's specifications and that the ship was seaworthy and ready for scientific expeditions. Again, most of the time the ship was in waters just outside Southampton, but some testingwas done during the voyage to Vigo in Spain (North Atlantic Ocean). This is his third trip onboard, but this time we are actually doing the “real” research.

Dean finds the social aspect of shipboard life very interesting due to the variety of career-orientated people on board the ship. We have Deck Officers, Crew, Catering Department, Engineer Officers, Scientific support personnel that also includes multidisciplinary personnel from NOCs, and not forgetting the “scientists”. He enjoys all of their company and finds their expertise helps him to do his job to the best of his ability. He thinks that it is their interaction and teamwork that makes for a good trip and he is very happy to sail with everyone. The people he meets, both his work colleagues and scientists, are very friendly and sociable and this makes time at sea enjoyable.



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