JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


The megacorer

The megacorer is a piece of equipment used for taking samples of mud lying on the seasurface and the seawater lying immediately above the seafloor. It takes a number of small cores using glass tubes.


This is the megacorer prepared for use.

It has a frame in which are positioned plastic tubes with a lid at the top end and a prepared ‘gate’ at the lower end.

The  megacorer is lowered into the sea on the end of a VERY long wire.  When it reaches the ocean floor the very heavy lump of concrete above the cores pushes them into the sediment. This then activates the ‘gates’ on the base of the tube sealing them and preventing the sediment being washed out.

Here's a photo of the megacorer being brought back onto the ship after successful sampling. 

Note the closed ‘shutters’ on the base of the tubes to keep the sediment in.

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