JC10: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons

RRS James Cook, 14 May - 7 July 2007

Here you can find out all about the cruise: where we're going, what we're doing and who's who. You can also catch up with the latest from the team on board the ship - our resident teachers will be sending a daily blog on life as part of a scientific research team, along with video clips, photos and stories from the RRS James Cook. Use the links below to find out more...

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Meet the crew...
Robin Plumley, Captain
Leighton, ROV engineer
Veerle, marine geologist
Kostas, biogeochemist
Sarah, PhD student
Jeroen, PhD student
Raquel, PhD student
Silvia, PhD student
Dean, Electro Technical Officer
Pete, Chief Officer
Doug Masson, Prinicpal Scientist
Teresa Amaro, researcher
Second and Third officers
The Ship's Purser
Jim the Seaman
The ROV operators
Tour the ship...
The laboratories
The bridge
The gym
Laundry room
Discover more about...
Photo mosaicking
The dangers of diving
All about ROV Isis
Taking push cores with ROV
Processing push cores
How the ROV elevator works
ROV footage of shipwreck
The megacorer
The Bathysnap camera
The CTD probe
A taste of microbiology
What is a mud volcano?
Lost in translation

More about...

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