JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


Who's who in the scientific team (Leg 1)

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Phil Weaver

Phil is the Chief Scientist on Leg 1 of the JC10 cruise. He is a marine geologist and is the co-ordinator of the HERMES project - the whole reason why we're on this cruise! Being Chief Scientist means that Phil has overall responsibility for the scientific team and the science that takes place on board the ship.

Katja Heeschen

Katja is a geochemist at NOCS and will be in charge of a lot of the sampling that takes place during this cruise. Katja is particularly interested in cold seeps and the fluids emitted from them and features such as mud volcanoes.

Paul Tyler

Paul Tyler is a Professor of deep sea biology at the University of Southampton, and his interests lie in all aspects of the deep-sea environment including margins, canyons, abyssal plains, corals, seeps and vents. During the cruise, he and the other biologists on board will be involved in searching for, sampling and identifying the creatures that live around the mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz.

Doug Connelly

Doug Connelly is a geochemist interested in fluids and in situ sensor development. During the cruise he will be assisting in the collection and processing of samples taken for the study of the fluids from the mud volcanoes.

Darryl Green

John Parkes

John Parkes is Professor of Geomicrobiology at Cardiff University. His interest is in the diversity and activity of the large numbers of bacteria that live in marine sediments - in particular, how bacteria in mud volcanoes differ from those in other marine sediments, do mud volcanoes provide bacteria with a deep energy supply and are mud volcanoes a source of very deep bacteria.

Marina Cunha

Ann Vanreusel

Andrey Akhmetzhanov

Andrey is a sedimentologist at NOCS and is an expert on the marine geology in the Gulf of Cadiz.

Veit Hühnerbach

Veit is a specialist in seafloor imaging, and he has lots of experience of working at sea. Veit will be involved with the coring and sampling activities on this cruise.

Belinda Alker

Belinda is part of the geochemistry team on board the ship and will be helping out Katja, Doug and Darryl out with the samples from the mud volcanoes. She's also an expert on sediment cores!

Heleen Vanneste

Helen is a PhD student at NOCS, working with Katja Heeschen on cold seeps - in particular mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz. Her major interests are the origin of the ascending fluids and gases, the associated biogeochemical modifications of these fluids and surrounding sediments and gas hydrate dynamics. On the cruise she will be involved in sub sampling and sediment core description, extraction and geochemical analyses of pore water.

Ana Hilario

Barry Cragg

Lois Maignien

Gillian McGahan

Gill is a biology teacher at the Downs School in Compton, Berkshire (UK), where she has taught biology GCSE and A-Level for the past 8 years. She has a keen interest in practical fieldwork and ways to make it exciting and interesting to students.

Eduard Vives

Eduard teaches chemistry, geology, biology and physics to kids aged 12-15 at the Escola Esperança in Barcelona, Spain. He has a passion for deep-sea ecosystems, and is looking forward to experiencing real deep-sea research first hand and working alongside the scientists on board the ship.

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