JC010: Mud volcanoes and submarine canyons


JC10 video archive:

IMPORTANT: To view the video clips you will need QuickTime Player software installed on your computer. You can download this free of charge from the Apple website.

13 June 2007: The megacorer

Scientists recover megacores from the bottom of the Nazare canyon

31 May 2007: Sampling the seafloor using a piston corer

29 May 2007: Washing out push cores

Ana shows how it's done

29 May 2007: Retrieving push cores from Isis

Once the push cores are on deck, Katja and the geochemists spring into action to take pore water samples

28 May 2007: Sampling cores

Katja and Heleen sample cores as soon as they come up from the seabed

25 May 2007: The colour of science

Eduard explains how the chromatograph works

24 May 2007: All about the aquamonitor

Geochemist Doug Connelly explains how the aquamonitor equipment works

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