JC24: Dating volcanoes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Monday 2 June 2008

Today we reached the end of our first dive track and managed to bring Isis up with payload left to spare. This didn’t mean we didn’t collect many samples though. In fact we collected an impressive 31, all of which are now being described, photographed, cut, labelled and put away.

We are not just using Isis for sampling however. Isis also has 4 cameras, which enable us to videotape and photograph the dives. This is very useful as it means we can watch back all the tapes and analyse them again. The tapes from this cruise will mostly be used by Kirsty to identify the biology and Isobel, who will be using them to produce a volcanological map of the AVR.

Once all our samples were recovered and the Isis team had checked her over we launched dive D81. This is the second of our proposed dive tracks and covers the North Eastern section of the AVR, where we have evidence for sheet flows and a seamount from the TOBI d

ata. It also covers the area where Bram is hoping to find his plume. Check back tomorrow to see how we get on.

A frame grab taken from the video footage showing
possible Paragorgia species deepwater corals and pillow lavas.

A deepwater coral growing on pillow lavas.

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