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Cruise diary

Satruday 24 May 2008

Weather continues good, though rather overcast. The Captain held a meeting with heads of each department on board (including of course the science team).  These meetings will continue each day to make sure everything runs smoothly and all parts of the shipboard team integrate well.

All the scientists had tours of the various laboratories and briefings on what to check for to ensure each instrument is working well.  We will be dividing into watches and checking all these things continuously through the cruise.  We also had a detailed tour of Isis, which will be our main instrument and is new to all of us, and training on how to use its onboard instruments.

We also had the first of a series of shipboard safety drills, when we all learned where to go in the case of an emergency.  If the fire alarms go at sea, you can’t just leave the building and congregate in the car park!  We also practised getting into the lifeboats.  So, in the unlikely event that we should have any problems, we should be well prepared.

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