JC24: Dating volcanoes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Friday 30 May 2008

Today we have been completing the last few TOBI traverses and we expect all our TOBI surveying to be complete by the early hours of tomorrow morning. Chris Mallows and Tim have been busy for the past few days producing large digital mosaics and importing the data into “Fledermaus®”, a specialised 3D data visualisation system which allows us to ‘fly’ through the bathymetry as though we were really there, pretty impressive when you think it’s 3000m below us.

Roger and Kay discuss Bram’s AVR interpretation.

Today was also Kirsty’s birthday so the crew threw her a party in the ship’s bar. It was a great night and a well-earned break for everyone on board, which somehow ended up with everybody getting a pirate tattoo. Happy birthday Kirsty!

The birthday girl

The swashbuckling ladies of JC24

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