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Cruise diary

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Another day, another dive. As Isis is only able to manage around 36 hours underwater before running out of oil, and as she hasn’t surfaced since Tuesday, she was due to come up today for maintenance. This gave the scientists a chance to remove all the rock samples again, allowing us to pick up more from the end of our second dive track.

Unfortunately, due to the slightly rougher weather and a previously unnoticed hole in the biobox, we lost a number of our biological samples on recovery and damaged several others. Luckily we have now repaired the box and still have enough dive time left to make up for this.

We have also begun reviewing the images taken using the stills camera onboard Isis, below are some of our best photos so far.

A sponge encrusts an old pillow.

A sponge with sea stars.

A deep water coral.

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