JC24: Dating volcanoes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Cruise diary

Friday 6 June 2008

We started today by continuing our Isis dive along our third dive track but unfortunately, due to a problem with one of the arms, we were forced to either recover Isis or spend the rest of the dive unable to sample. Isis was recovered at 08:15.

While the Isis team were working on repairing the arm we decided to launch a MAPR survey. MAPRs are used to search for hydrothermal plumes by measuring depth, pressure, temperature, light scattering, salinity and the oxidation potential (a proxy for the amount of manganese in the water) and are towed behind the ship on a cable. As the ship moves this cable is reeled in and out, causing them to rise and fall through the water column.

By evening, thanks to our amazing engineers, Isis was working better than ever and is ready to be redeployed as soon as we finish our MAPR surveys. Check back tomorrow to see how our hydrothermal hunt is going.

The Isis Engineers hard at work.

The Isis control room

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