JC24: Dating volcanoes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


Who's who on the ship

Roger Searle

Roger Searle is Professor of Geophysics at Durham University and is the expedition and project leader. He is a geophysicist, and his main interests are in the volcanic and tectonic processes involved in the generation and early evolution of oceanic lithosphere at mid-ocean ridges.  He uses sonar instruments (side-scan and bathymetry) to map the seafloor, together with gravity and magnetic measurements to determine crustal structure and sea-floor spreading rates. In this project he will be involved in analysing the sidescan sonar and topographic data,  and will assist in the analysis of magnetic data and video images.

Bramley Murton

Bramley Murton is a senior research scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton where he researches the formation and evolution of the ocean floor. Bram has spent many years investigating the inner workings of the ocean crust, in particular mid-ocean ridges, and has explored the Reykjanes Ridge (Iceland), western Pacific and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge during a number of research expeditions.  He is co-Principal Investigator on this project, and will be leading the geological and geochemical studies of the volcanic rocks.

Maurice Tivey

Maurice Tivey is a Senior Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He is interested in the magnetization of oceanic crust and mid-ocean ridge processes including the formation and evolution of oceanic crust and hydrothermal systems.  He will take the lead on analysing our magnetic data to yield estimates of crustal age and structure

Peter van Calsteren

Peter van Calsteren is a Senior Research Fellow at the Open University.  He is an isotope geochemist and uses mostly Uranium-series methodology to date and investigate volcanic and magmatic processes (and sedimentation rates, palaeo-climate archives, human evolution etc).  He will be using U-series methods to date our volcanic rocks in collaboration with colleagues at the Open University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Kay Achenbach

Kay Achenbach is completing her PhD at the University of Wyoming and is joining Roger’s research group at Durham as a post-doctoral researcher.  She will be in overall charge of managing and interpreting our sonar data – sidescan sonar images and topographic data at various scales – to build a structural model of the axial volcanic ridge.  She is interested in understanding the complex interplay of deformation and melt percolation from the mantle beneath mid-ocean ridges.

Isobel Yeo

Isobel Yeo is completing her B.Sc. in Geology at Edinburgh University and is joining Roger’s research group at Durham as a PhD student.  She will have prime responsibility for interpreting the video data to identify different lava flows and volcanoes and build a volcanological model of the AVR.

Chris Mallows

Chris Mallows is a PhD student in Roger’s research group at Durham University where he is studying the mechanisms behind plate separation at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Aboard the ship he will help in processing the sidescan sonar and magnetics data.

Tim Le Bas

Tim Le Bas works on the processing of multibeam bathymetry and backscatter data, side-scan sonar images, and digital image analysis, including development of new processing techniques.  He will be helping us process the TOBI sidescan sonar data and multibeam bathymetry data from the ship and from ISIS.

Nicole Schroth

Nicole Schroth is a PhD student in Bram’s research group at Southampton.  She will be studying the chemical composition of the lavas to track their different sources.

Kirsty Morris

Kirsty Morris is a student  at Southampton researching a PhD on “The benthic ecology around the Azores archipelago”.  She will be a member of the scientific watch keeping team and will help us identify any interesting animals that we find.

Chris Waters

Chris Waters is an MIT/WHOI Joint Program PhD student in the Geology and Geophysics Department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and is interested in the radiometric dating of  lavas.

Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira did his PhD on geochemistry and petrology of MAR basalt rocks with Bram in Southampton. Presently he works at INETI  - The Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Inovação, I.P., which is a government laboratory belonging to the Economy and Innovation Ministry of Portugal, which focus its activity on R&D. He will be assisting with the geological description and interpretation of our rock samples.

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