JC36: Geology & biology of the Whittard Canyon


Cruise diary

27 June 2009
Location: NE Atlantic, 48° 09’ N / 10° 33’W

Natalie writes:

On Friday afternoon we heard that high winds and rough weather were heading our way for some point on Saturday, and thoughts of huge waves, crashing over the decks of the James Cook, soon got the more experienced sea goers chatting about storms they’d encountered on previous trips.

Throughout Saturday the winds picked up, and I found it increasingly difficult to keep steady, especially on the stairs! It seemed the science gear was having similar problems. So with it being too rough to put any kit down, and with no immediate work being generated, we had some time to chill out and watch the white peaks of the dark waves thrashing about in the wind.

In Teresa’s words, as a wave crashed into the porthole in my cabin:

“This? This is NOTHING!”

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