JR157: Seabed biology of Marguerite Bay, Antarctica


Cruise Diary

Date: Thursday 18 January 2007
Position: 67o34’S, 68o08’W Rothera Base, Antarctica

Chris writes:

"Today we arrived at Rothera Base on Adelaide Island, just off the Antarctic Peninsula. We woke up to see Adelaide Island on our port side and during the morning we came round the southern tip of the island, past Cape Alexandra and inside Jenny Island to moor up at Rothera shortly before midday. After several very rough days out in Drake’s Passage, the weather today has been perfect; calm seas and brilliant sunshine. The scenery on the way in to Rothera was spectacular, really breath-taking.

Rothera is the main BAS base in the Antarctic and this summer there are about 100 people housed here. Like us, many are themselves ‘in transit’, on their way to deep field stations on the Antarctic Continent to conduct research during the southern hemisphere summer.

We have two days here now whilst the ship unloads a lot of supplies and equipment that are necessary to keep the base running over the summer. This afternoon, after a safety and environmental briefing, we took the opportunity to walk around Rothera Point and see the sights and wildlife. Words cannot do justice to the scenery here, so in an attempt to give you a flavour of the Antarctic I have included some images with this entry.

Tomorrow we have planned a trip in inflatable boats to visit some of the small islands nearby and then on Saturday (20th) we head back out to sea to start our science programme. I’ll post another entry as we leave..."

West side of Adelaide Island

Looking aft, having passed between Adelaide and Jenny Island

RRS JCR begins unloading at Rothera

Juvenile leopard seal in the shallows

Weddell seal enjoying the sunshine

Mountains on Adelaide Island

Adelie penguin

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