JR161: Food webs in the Antarctic



Cruise Diary

Wednesday 29 November
Scotia Sea: Lat 55.32.34S, Long 44.46.56 W

Day 37 of the cruise JR161 aboard the British Antarctic Research Ship RSS James Clark Ross

Tom writes:

The past two weeks have been busy with science, as we try to achieve the planned goals of the cruise. Days involve eating, sleeping and science.  The following pictures to show life at sea and our attempts to keep sane in any downtime we have.

We have now spent five weeks on a 100-m long ship and cabin fever is setting in. In an attempt to stay fit, a John O’Groats to Lands End challenge has been organised.  A team of four cyclists (‘JCR-Racing’) is attempting to cover the 837 miles before we reach Stanley at the end of the cruise.  That’s 15 miles each a day – we are halfway so far, so somewhere on the M6....

The internet connection on the ship allows not only websites such as this to be maintained but also radio to be streamed, this has allowed us to keep up-to-date with the eagerly anticipated Ashes cricket series. The occasional friendly sweepstake is organised on the day’s scores (So far I’m losing).

Science ideas and discussion flow at the map table where Enrique, Sophie and Andy discuss downloaded satellite images and preliminary dates.

Time on Monkey Island – a good vantage point above the bridge - watching the wildlife, icebergs and sunsets.  Maria is just tall enough to see over the barrier!


Enrique Vidal has the best camera of board and knows how to use it, the following wildlife pictures have been taken by him – check out more of his pictures at www.kensei.es (please note we are not responsible for the content of external websites).

Above and right: Albatross

Above and right: Fin whales

Above: Iceberg; right: Fur Seal

Penguins at sea

More soon - please visit us again in a few days' time for the next installment....

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