JR224: Chemosynthetic life in the Antarctic


Cruise diary

Sunday 11 January 2009
Location: Punta Arenas, Chile

The team is now on board the James Clark Ross! It took over 36 hours of flights and airports to get from the UK, Portugal and Spain to Punta Arenas, in the southern fijords of Chile. On the way down south, the team had to face the “little” problem of loosing 13 bags with personal and work equipment! However, the spirits were kept up and the bags have now been located and are on their way to Punta Arenas.

In the meantime, the scientists and technicians have started  organising the laboratories on board while the officers and crew prepare the ship for departure on Wednesday morning to Antarctic waters.

One of the nice things of being in the Southern hemisphere in January is that it is summer here! It is  not hot (between 10º and 15º C) because we are at a latitude of almost 54ºS, but we have many hours of day light and, so far, we have been very lucky with sunny days! See the sunset photo...this has been taken on Sunday at 22h30!

Stunning sunsets!

RRS James Clark Ross, ready for action

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